The Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case: A Unique Custom Design

Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition

This is a blog post about the Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case, which was designed for the game Dragon Age: Inquisition by BioWare. The custom design of this case makes it look like the protagonist from the game – Cassandra Pentaghast. It has all the same features as a standard Pixel 3 case but has added metal details that give it a more high-end look.

What is the Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case?

The Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case is a unique custom design that was created by Google. It is made up of a TPU bumper and an aluminum frame, and it is available in both black and blue color options. The Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case has a front lip, which means that it will protect your screen from scratches and drops. It also comes with a set of anti-slip feet to keep it stable when used on a desk or table. The Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case has a built-in Qi charger so you can use your phone without having to worry about finding an outlet.

The Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case is a unique custom design for your phone. That features the artwork of the game’s main villain, The Archdemon. The case is designed to fit the Pixel 3 perfectly and has a soft-touch finish that makes it comfortable to hold. The case also includes space for your phone’s screen protector, earbuds, and charging cable.

The Pixel 3 “Dragon Age Inquisition” case is a unique custom design. That gives your phone the look of an ancient textbook. The case is made from hard plastic and has a faux leather texture. The front cover lifts up to expose the phone’s screen and the back cover has a magnetic closure to keep the screen secure. There are openings for the camera and charger, as well as access to all ports and buttons.

The Pixel 3 Dragon Age Inquisition Case is perfect for anyone. Who wants to show off their love for the game or just wants something unique and stylish? It also features a built-in stand so you can watch movies or use your phone while it’s charging.

How can I get my hands on one?

If you’re looking for a unique Dragon Age Inquisition case to show off your custom design skills, look no further than the Pixel Dragon Age Inquisition Case. This handy case is made of PVC and includes a cutout for your tablet or phone so you can show off your gameplay. The Pixel Dragon Age Inquisition Case is available now and costs $14.99.

Looking for a unique Dragon Age Inquisition case to add to your collection? Check out Pixel Dungeon’s customized design! This case is available in both standard and collector’s editions and comes with a random weapon and armor set. You can also choose the background, emblem, and title of your character.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these cases, be sure to head over to Pixel Dungeon’s website or follow their social media pages for more information!

Pros and Cons of this case

The Pixel Dragon Age Inquisition Case is a unique custom design. That allows gamers to show their support for the game and its developers. The case is made out of high-quality materials and has a magnetic closure. That makes it easy to take on the go. The case also includes a front panel that flips open, revealing the gaming laptop inside.

Some pros of using this case include the fact. That it shows off your support for the game and its developers, as well as providing extra protection for your device. Additionally, since the case is designed specifically for the Dragon Age Inquisition gaming laptop. It provides a custom fit that ensures optimal protection.

Some cons of using this case are that it is not available in all regions and can be hard to find. Additionally, some people may not like how flashy or attention-grabbing the case may be.


Design is a huge part of the gaming industry and it shows in every aspect of game design. Some games are designed for a specific type of player or audience and this reflects in the game’s graphics, controls, and even the way quests are structured. Graphics can be used to attract new players, while controls can give veterans an advantage. And finally, quest design can dictate which areas players explore and how much time they spend in each location. In the Dragon Age Inquisition, one area where design shines is custom designs.

There are many different ways to create custom designs for characters in Inquisition. The first option is to create your own character model. Which you then use as a template to create other characters, like your party members or henchmen. This gives you complete control over their appearance. And lets you make them look exactly the way you want them to. You can also use premade templates provided by Bioware that represent different races and classes. But again you have complete control over their looks.

The second option is to use existing character models provided by Bioware or other developers. These models include all the basic features needed for creating characters. But they may not be perfect for your needs. And may not look quite as good as using your own character model. This option is best if you’re just starting out or don’t have the time or skills required to create a perfect model from scratch.

Both options offer great advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for a unique case to protect your Pixel Dragon Age Inquisition game. You should check out the Design by Luke case by Julius Cases. This custom-made case is made from hardshell plastic and features a bright red design with dragon symbols on both sides. The case also includes cutouts for the ports and buttons on the device. So you can easily access all of its features. If you ever experience any problems with your case. Just contact Julius Cases and they’ll be happy to help fix them or replace the case free of charge.

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